In endless remembrance of


Today was the day that we’ve had to say goodbye to our darling beloved dog, Cadbury ♥️.
Only 9 years old but he’d recently developed a terrible cancerous tumour that spread across his left hip and we knew it was a matter of a short time, despite the medication he had to help with his pain and discomfort.
All the time I’d seen he still had even a little zest for life, I didn’t want to let him go. 
But the past few days I saw his little eyes were losing the light, it was fading increasingly until I could see he’d had enough. 
He was too tired and to me, it looked as though the fading light had become a look of bewilderment and though I can’t bear to say it, fear...
Perhaps because he just couldn’t grasp what had happened to him in such a short time.

It’s tragic for me, my family and our other dear dog, Cadbury’s loyal and devoted life time friend, Alby. 
Of course I know Cadbury is in a beautiful place now, God was waiting to take him in His arms, I told Cadbury that as he slipped away.
We buried him at our little donkey sanctuary today with petals, prayers and a little wooden cross.
I believe he is running in Heavenly fields and will be sleeping at Angel’s feet and will be healthy and strong again. 
But it’s the grief of coping when he’s now no longer here, yet all continues, the world goes on regardless of us losing the ones we love, humans and animals.
Everything changes for us, yet nothing changes. 
And having to walk Alby alone in the fields and orchards, and see all Cadbury’s favourite little places...I know it will be hard and lonely, it already was lonely once Cadbury’s health had deteriorated and he couldn’t always join us as he once had.
Part of me feels guilt that I should have maybe let him go sooner, I could not bear him suffering any more than he had to.
God bless your precious, beautiful soul Cadbury, the most sweet natured, kind hearted, beautiful boy - I was so blessed and honoured to have called you ‘my dog’.
I love you and will see you again one day I know, along with all the others gone before us ♥️

24.09.2018, Lucy Fensom