In endless remembrance of  a very sad mama donkey

A few days ago I posted an account of our outreach clinic work to help the working donkeys in the Bedouin Camp, Al Razaz here in Israel. I mentioned about the very poor mother donkey who had collapsed. The inhabitants of the camp said they did not know why or what had happened but she was dehydrated and did not want to get up. While her little foal watched anxiously we did all we could to treat her that evening and left her feeling more comfortable and sitting up. Tragically it wasn’t to be and we have had to return to Al Razaz to end her suffering and euthanise her.
It was just terribly sad situation.
She was lying there in filth and muck. I found part of an old sponge mattress and put it beneath her head because when we got there, I saw that her head had been digging into the metal fence behind her and I stroked her gently and spoke softly to her as she drifted off. 
I have tried to see if we can take her baby back to our lovely sanctuary but so far the men and boys at the camp have not agreed and they say that they will look after her.
They say they have milk for her and even plenty of other mother donkeys and expecting mother donkeys.
Thankfully she is old enough to also eat hay and grain but still, more than anything else she just needs actual love especially after having lost her mother, and she will not get that there. 
The boys can occasionally handle her a bit gently but at other times they push and shove her around, every movement is nearly always rough and they constantly shout around her, that is just their way of life there.
We told them to be gentle and understanding and they listened but course once we’re gone...who knows.
We had to insist that they allow the baby time to smell her mama so she could accept and come to terms with the fact that she’s gone and so she wouldn’t pine for her.
She is a friendly little soul too and kept coming to me and softly nuzzling me while we were trying to euthanise her mummy... 
It just broke my heart.

16. Mai 2018, Lucy Fensom