In endless remembrance of  ...

Look at this poor dear little soul...
We received a call about him from a lady who had seen him lying there in that terrible state as she was driving along.
She stopped to try to see how she could help him but she said it looked as though he’d been savagely attacked and had been there for some time. 
He did manage to get up but soon collapsed down again.
By looking at his photos we suspected that the kindest thing for him would be to euthanise him and we set off and arranged to meet our vet there to see.
Soon after we started driving we received a call to say that somebody had turned up with a trailer to take him to the veterinary hospital. We explained that our feeling was that it would cause him further stress and discomfort and suffering to start to try to lift him into a trailer and transport him some distance.
Sadly we later learned that this little donkey had died on the journey to the hospital.
I suppose at least he did not lay there indefinitely to die all alone with nobody to show him any care. 
But this is the type of thing that can and does happen to donkeys here. 
We have no way of knowing if this was an attack caused by dogs or cruelty by humans or possibly even a car accident and an attack later.
We can only pray for this little lost soul.